Saturday, July 19, 2008

How to fix a bricked iPhone

So how did I manage to FIX the problem I mentioned earlier? The reason I was so vague on the details is that I used a confidential iBoot vulnerability that we didn't want Apple to know even existed! This allowed me to bootstrap openiboot directly from a stock iBSS that was loaded through DFU mode. I still can't tell you exactly what it is, but since geohot already leaked the existence of it, I figure I can tell you it exists and is what I used. :)

Then, it was a simple matter of using openiboot's NOR engine to restore everything. I even can use the new image list parser and AES engine to have a very nice high level interface to the image list, allowing me to "pwn" just with openiboot; no ramdisk futzing around!

The AES code has been in SVN for awhile, but to anyone following jailbreaking news, it's probably obvious why I suddenly, out of the blue, decided to reverse it and write it. Haha. So the night that I committed the AES code, is the night the Dev Team first decrypted the new img3 shit. :)