Monday, July 5, 2010

What's up with Planetbeing?

Many of you asked in the past 1 month or so, where is Planetbeing? What is he doing? Has he abandoned the project?
The answer to the last question is a definite NO.

While I don't know enough of his private life to shed you light of exactly what he is doing and his whereabouts but I can tell you that I have been in constant contact with him along with other iphone dev-team members through IRC. Apart from having to look after his academic stuff and a few paid odd jobs to earn him some pocket money, he was recently actively involved in the iOS jailbreak with Comex. He is now indulging himself in the excitement of getting the iPhone 4 baseband unlocked with Musclenerd, as you can tell from his tweets.

Even when he was working on such things, he still has his mind on iPhonelinux as can be seen from the excerpt of the conversation we had on IRC below:

Jun 30 16:23:18 |planetbeing| saurik: CPICH: you might be interested in this: http://RED-ACTED/tfp.c
Jun 30 16:24:01 |planetbeing| This is what I've been using to explore the kernel with the tfp patch. You need a copy of "tense3" (the fixed up iPhone 4 kernel dump) to use some of the page table related commands.
Jun 30 16:24:30 |planetbeing| CPICH: this will be super-useful for like iPhone Linux stuff because we can map in whatever hardware region we want and peek at the current register settings.
Jun 30 16:25:16 |CPICH| ok
Jun 30 16:30:46 |Zf[idling]| once you can boot linux
Jun 30 16:30:47 * Zf[idling] runs
Jun 30 16:34:13 |CPICH| can modify it to work on previous platforms for yet to be ported drivers though
Jun 30 16:35:18 |planetbeing| Yup.
Jun 30 16:36:40 |planetbeing| That's why I wrote a whole program to mess with it easily.

Also, a few other folks on #iphonelinux such as Bluerise, ricky26, nickp6666, Alex, James etc. are making steady progress in making minor improvements such as vibrator on 3g, porting of Ultrasn0w, usb, multitouch accuracy, Froyo on 3g etc. So, while waiting for Planetbeing to provide direction on major items such as PMU and GPU, there are no lack of activities.

Finally, you may ask, what can't Planetbeing provide updates on this blogs, surely it won't take him a few minutes?

Well, there is simply nothing for him to update on the iphonelinux front at this moment, and writing a non-technical update with no technical substance is very "unPlanetbeing", so it is up to n00b like me to provide this "non-update" update.