Monday, April 26, 2010

The port to the iPhone 3G is coming along. This is a picture of an iPhone 3G booting into a BusyBox / Buildroot shell. As you can see, wireless networking is working great. We can also talk to the baseband over the debugging channel. This might be enough to get calling, etc., working but we may need to figure out the SPI transport.

I'd still like to get the WM8991 codec working for it in openiboot (shouldn't be much trouble since there's a datasheet), just so we can iron out any quirks before testing it inside the kernel. We also need a new multi-touch driver (they've upgraded from Zephyr to Zephyr2). After that, we'll have a working port of Android.

Also, for existing developers and testers, I've implemented the Android wi-fi driver extensions so WLAN should be working better now. I know people had problems associating with WPA protected networks, etc. See if this update helps!