Wednesday, October 22, 2008

USB fixes

Just a post to indicate things are inching forward slightly. I've been working on debugging USB communications and it seems a lot more stable now. I was basically forced to because my old code only works on computers without usb 2.0, so that ruled out being able to easily work on this project with anything approaching a modern computer. The problem was that I avoided reading the official USB specs (those things are usually overly locutious) and tried to learn instead from sites such as USB in a Nutshell. Unfortunately the driver then failed to properly respond to the device qualifier descriptor which led to epic fail in USB 2.0. The embarrassing thing is iBoot does send this descriptor, but I figured it must be a vendor specific one at the time.

Cmw made me a cable that let's me do serial and USB comm at the same time, which helped a lot in working out the bugs. I'd say it's fairly reliable now; enough for other developers without a serial cable to come in. So how about it, guys?

I've also started to scratch the surface of the NAND driver. Unfortunately, even the lowest level functions are enormously complex. The higher level wear leveling code and data structures even aside. A great deal of it seems to belong to Samsung, since I've found some creepily similar C code lurking around online. Unfortunately, I can't find a complete enough copy of it.

And yes, I'm aware of Android and their source release and yes, I know what you're thinking.