Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cell network association and SMS on iPhone 3G

This is just a small, incremental update. It looks like we're currently blocked on a driver for the WM8991 codec. This is because instead of sound data that should come out of the speakers directly to the baseband, the Wolfson codec now controls the speaker as well on the 3G. This is a significantly more sane design than what the 2G had, but it causes us some complications.

First, now a WM8991 driver has to be written before we can get any sound out of the device. This is contrary to the 2G where we can test the i2s functionality of the SoC relatively independently.

Second, in order to make or receive calls with the iPhone 3G, the WM8991 driver must be written and cooperating with the baseband. This is a significantly more complex arrangement than on the 2G, where that functionality can be controlled entirely through the baseband.

However, this is still all not very hard. If we had a timetable, I'd say we're "on track". But we don't so don't ask. :P

Also, as a result of this investigation, I can associate to the cell network and send and receive text messages from the 3G now. Of course, I had to port ultrasn0w into openiboot to do it... I had forgotten all about the fact that my phone was unlocked by ultrasn0w until now. :)