Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boot Menus, So Far...

So, I'm already getting some boot menus from people! I'll put the entries up here. Please comment and critique them. I will also be giving some of my thoughts:

These two are from chris custren:

These two are from poorlad:

This one is from pH:

That's it so far. If you've got any comments or suggestions about them, leave them here. Here's what came up from a technical/practical perspective: As I've mentioned, gradients are good. It is also very good if you can do things in grayscale (as poorlad did for one of his images, but even the blue scale can be programmatically generated) since it saves on expensive bitmap data. On using the Apple logo, here's what we're willing to do. We're willing to accept a logo with an original, unaltered Apple logo OR a logo created from scratch that resembles the Apple trademark. We cannot accept logos that modifies copyrighted Apple materials. The rationale for using Apple trademarks is because this is merely for identification purposes. If their lawyers have any problems with that, we will respect any requests to take it down.