Sunday, November 16, 2008

Porting to iPhone 3G and iPod touch

Hey guys,

The lack of updates for the past few days is because many of you decided to visit us in IRC, thus enabling work to be done on porting openiboot to the iPod touch and the iPhone 3G (in particular because I don't have an iPod touch at the moment).

I'm pleased to report that everything now seems to be working on the iPhone 2G and the iPhone 3G (albeit NOR read/write on the iPhone 3G is unoptimized and is unacceptably slow). There is apparently an outstanding issue with the NAND ECC on some (?) iPod touchs, and also some people can't seem to actually install openiboot to NOR on both iPhone 2G and iPod touch. Unfortunately, the problem is that these things happen on devices that I don't have physical access to, and IRC is often a frustrating medium for communicating with testers. I'm confident these issues will be resolved soon, though.

So, current simultaneous projects:

1. Resolve openiboot porting issues
2. Implement poorlad's boot menu
3. Work on write support for FTL

After at least one of those things are done, we'll be working on the Linux kernel.