Sunday, November 30, 2008


A couple of people asked for a donate button of some sort. I hesitate because of the sudden complexity of things when money is involved. Here is what I think would be best:

  • Donate your time and skills if you can rather than money.
  • If you cannot do so, please consider sponsoring something we could directly use: Such as a USB serial cable (about $45 for parts from Sparkfun), or perhaps upgrading the Slicehost slice we're borrowing from pumpkin ($60 per month, though it would only be useful if we could get enough money for at least six months), used or broken devices for testing, etc. Or something like a pizza for one of our contributors on a late night hacking binge (we will distribute food donations on a round-robin basis =P)
  • My paypal address is my gmail e-mail address (planetbeing). If you do make a donation, please specify exactly what it is for. A gigantic slush fund is something that I wish to avoid.
For the record, contrary to what was published by some media sources, the iphonelinux group is not associated with the group commonly known as the "iPhone Dev Team". I'm a member of the Dev Team, and other members sometimes lends assistance or advice, but this is an entirely separate project. The Dev Team does not accept any donations whereas this project tentatively will.